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Dr. A. Dakroury is an Authorized representative of the Government of Antigua & Barbuda for Citizenship By Investment program and an agent of the Government of Dominica for its Citizenship by Investment programs.
Dreaming about success is the half way for success which you already covered remaining half depend on your efforts

Our Approach

With our dedicated team, great past experience, accurate market research and by studying the weakness of the existing competitors, we are fulfilling our primary aim of delivering an excellent service while maintaining high standards of ethics and integrity, allowing us to sustain long-term relationships with our clients. We continuously measure our success with client’s loyalty.

The Values


Our vision is to build a leading publicly listed diversified investment group of companies in the region and worldwide, focusing on basic ambient MEP, Advertising, Trading, consultancy and market research.


The cornerstone of our Culture is the balanced way, a corporate culture that balances the interests of our managers while providing the internal environment to grow and prosper.


Our mission is to grow a focused portfolio of successful business in basic our interest, experiences and manage a balanced expansion.


Trust Group will constantly seek to leverage its core competencies and the strength of its balance sheet to serve this strategy.

The beginning

Trust Group, is a group of companies, started as MEP services provider and contractor in the region, which is our great experience in this field, due to high demand of the construction industry. Since then, we are a leader in the global marketplace and among the top reputed companies in construction field; we set new standards in the fields of Electrical, HVAC and plumbing design and installations, raising comfort to a sophisticated level and allowing our clients to experience MEP services at the best.

Moving Forward

Our continued rapid growth and huge list of successfully completed prestigious projects is a testament to the increasing certainty of our clients experience every day. And depending on our believe is the investment diversity is mandatory, using our management skills and using our customer base we started thinking about a complete business surrounding in multi carrier business, we started our Media and Advertising company, and by using our customer trustful and by hiring the experience staff we became one of the leading Advertising companies in the region within two years.

New Generation

As soon as we gain many applicants and again with continuing studying the market and expanding of our customers we enrolled to the field of trading by establishing trading company, and on the same base we started a company specialist for the Market research, administrative and legal consultancy and within a short period we become an professional agent for Naturalization services, finally we had a great track record in all our activities

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