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TRUST group of companies MEP Consultants & Contractors is a multi discipline technical establishment which includes all type of MEP services Exercises.
Considering the huge UAE market demand, we assisting the consultants to finalize their projects according to the required duration, quality and responsibilities.


Our construction field of activities includes

Workshop drawings development.
Preparing the basic drawings which will be used by the contracting team on site.
Preparing Technical material submittals.
Arranging the site technical instruction.
Authorities’ approval for workshop drawings.
Preparing and approval the as built drawings.

Cost Evaluation

As the most important part of MEP services are the cost evaluation and costing which will be provided for both developers and consultant and is in the direct relationship with the budgeting aspects of the project. Association scope of work in this category could be considered as follow

* Project rough estimation and budgetary costing to assist the developer to define the overall budget of the project.
* Project feasibility study.
* Define the type and cost of the recourses.
* Assign the resources to the activities.
* Detailed project cost calculation based on the tender document.
* Cost plan development.
* Cost saving procedure in the term of project modification.
* Costing issues arbitration.

Design Responsibilities

Assist the developer to define the suitable and applicable systems based on the project function, level, and conditions.
Preparation of technical and competitive analysis report to guide the developer for proper decision.
Preparing the project design brief description.
Preparation the conceptual design based on the preliminary consultant architectural and structural design.
Bill of quantity preparation.
System calculation.
Design drawings development and drawing register production.
As per the developer requirements we prepare the outline technical and conceptual specification and design guidelines.
Preparing the utility schedules.
Preparing the tender documents package.
Determine the design criteria and related established standards. Preparing the design technical methodology.

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