Reimagine the learning experience

Shaping the lives of those who will shape the nation

Eldary Education invests in education innovators with the vision and skills to reimagine learning and ensure students have the right skills and competences to find their place in society and in the job market. That is why it is one of the priorities of the Eldary 

Education to launch its investment in education to:
• Remove obstacles to investment
• Provide visibility and technical assistance to investment projects

Investment for partnership program aims to develop projects for upgrading and modernizing the infrastructure of schools, thereby improving the learning environment for students and working conditions for teachers. This also includes equipping schools with broadband access, tools, or building high-tech campuses with high-end laboratories.

Our Vision

Embark on a voyage of learning

Our aim is to reimagine the learning experience for students to better meet their needs, and remove barriers to learning by improving access to quality education through investment. 

Our Mission

We believe in the enormous potential that education can offer to students, and to society

Provide every child a chance to succeed in life by putting them on a path to a brighter future by:

• Upgrading educational infrastructure
• Supporting students
• Boosting the knowledge triangle

Our Investment Programs 

Partner with us to strengthen links and create synergies between education

Sole investment in schools

To launch new and innovative schools that prepare young people to finish high school prepared and inspired to create and live the lives they want.

Partner with schools

To provide integrated tools and resources, along with implementation support, to help existing schools adopt innovative models

Invest in school activities

Investment in new playground equipment, upgrade facilities, buy new books, or improve infrastructure.

Learn more about our education investment programs

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